Flavour Ingredients

At the University of Sheffield, we are investigating the use of novel protein-based flavour ingredients. Taste and nutritional quality of alternative foods are top priorities for consumers seeking new, great-tasting, healthy food products that are good for our planet. Many traditional foods we have eaten for centuries are derived from natural fermentation. Our team is harnessing nature’s fermentation process to bring a whole new palette of flavour proteins to enhance new alternative foods. Reliability of supply for your raw materials has never been more critical; we bring naturally-sourced flavours with supply consistency.

Flavour Ingredients

Our innovative flavour ingredients will bring a new dimension to delivering great taste in alternative foods, delivering stand-out in your new products and driving success. We deliver great taste and nutritional benefits of protein in single ingredients.

Use our versatile protein-based flavour ingredients to boost the taste of your plant-based foods, meat alternatives, seafood alternatives, diary alternatives, cultured meat and many more.

Ingredients that
ReNew Our Planet

Precision fermentation technology produces great tasting ingredients with a much lower resource input and carbon footprint. Our ingredients aren’t just good for you, they’re also good for our planet!


of the food industries GHG emission comes from animal agriculture


reduction in GHG emission by 2035 with 8 technologies including precision fermentation


of all protein consumption by 2035 will come from alternative protein

Our Passion for Great Tasting Foods

We are a team with diverse expertise and experience, brought together by our love for delicious foods! We have over 40 years of combined experience in protein science and bio-manufacturing. The team is strengthened by in-house expertise in food flavour ingredients, product development, and supply chain.

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